Nerium: A Ripple Story from Jennifer

Because Nerium is devoted to “Making People Better,” we launched The Nerium Ripple program, which challenges Independent Brand Partners to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. Here’s a Ripple Story from Jennifer, a real Nerium Brand Partner who strives to create a better world by paying it forward:

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Nerium Ripple Stories – Jennifer

This is my first real Nerium Ripple story, and I’m excited to share itI’m excited to share my Nerium Ripple story – this will be the first of many! I was blessed to qualify for my Lexus car bonus in May. I am not married and already have two cars, so I held off claiming the bonus since I really didn’t need it. However, I recently decided to go ahead and accept the Lexus from Nerium and give my other vehicle to a family who needed it more.


Here is my story.

A family at my church just had their fifth child but have no car. The mother of the family, Misteye, is an aspiring evangelist. Her husband, Michael, is a minister and a tremendous gospel singer. He also works at Target and has been riding his bike to work for months up a huge hill. They never complain about anything and truly exemplify the meaning of the word “family.”
Michael is a wonderful husband and father. All the children in this family are mannerly, loving, and happy. I felt I needed to give them my 2012 Mazda CX-9. It’s leased until November 2014, so I decided I would pay for the insurance, payments, and maintenance for them until then.
After making up my mind, my best friend and I drove over and surprised them. Misteye told me she had been praying for a solution. As the new school year was rapidly approaching, she and Michael had even considered financing a car, knowing they could likely not afford the payments. They were overjoyed with their decision to hold off when I presented them with this gift.
The following night at church, Michael’s mother, Juliet, hugged me extra tight and told me she was about to dip into her 401(k) to help Michael and Misteye get a car. Such an expense would have put off her imminent retirement for a while.

Creating A Fantastic Ripple…

Thank you, Nerium International, for creating a fantastic ripple that blesses me and those I can reach out to in my own life!

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  • Judy Wilder Dalton

    Nerium making lives better!

  • Linda

    Nerium that is such a wonderful story! I love how Nerium makes it possible to assist others in need!

  • Kevin T. Ryan

    The Nerium Ripple just keeps on rippling!

  • Donna Shanks

    Nerium International provides a way for everyone to take charge of their situation!

  • Trevor

    This is what being a part of the Nerium family is all about! You get to find a way to make your own life better and that means you can help others as well. The Nerium Ripple is going to be felt around the world – just watch!


    Great to hear how Nerium International is improving folks lives

  • nancy h

    Nerium has so many incredible people. The Nerium Ripple touches more people than we will ever even know. I love the Nerium Ripple.

  • Maria M

    Its awesome to be a part of a great company and see how it has changed other peoples life.

  • pershevia smith

    How remarkable is NeriumAD, a true product that changes peoples lives!!

  • Marie C

    Nerium AD is indeed a company that encourages sharing, and caring for others. Nerium AD can and does truly change people’s lives for the better is amazing !!!!

  • Misty

    It’s so amazing how NeriumAD spreads so many ripples throughout the community!

  • La Rie

    Jennifer What a great Ripple you made!!

  • Chris D

    Jennifer has really defined what the Nerium Ripple should be. Isn’t it amazing that such a big difference in the lives of so many people started as a decision Jennifer made to hear about an opportunity to make some money?

  • Angela Rogers

    It is so awesome to here how much Nerium can change lives. The ripple starts from the executive team on down the line to all the people in the field promoting Nerium in a good way.

  • Hollie S.

    Thank you, Jennifer! Such an AMAZING Ripple you have made. You not only helped Misteye and Michael with something many of us take for granted daily, you helped their children and Juliet as well. We love our Brand Partners!

  • Christine W

    Such a great Nerium story of paying it forward.

  • J Branch

    The Nerium Ripple is an amazing concept, and Jennifer’s Ripple story is a wonderful example of loving, caring, and sharing.

  • jdmaddox

    Ripple stories are the best!


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